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Monica Southers, MS, LCMHC-RI, CSAC
Mental Health Coaching - Servicing all 50 states! 
Counseling & Therapy - Florida Residents Only 

Monica Southers is a licensed clinical mental health counselor registered intern (LCMHC-RI) in the state of Florida. Monica
received her BA in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. Monica received her master’s degree in clinical mental health
counseling from Walden University, a CACREP accredited university. Monica is currently a PhD student in the dissertation phase
of the forensic psychology program at Walden University. Monica is a credentialed substance abuse therapist that has experience
working in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Monica has experience working with individuals and couples to deepen emotional intimacy. Clients will learn to restore and heal
relationship hurts and improve communication skills. Monica assists clients and gives them the tools to return to a place of emotional
calm, abundant self-worth, and the gentle sense of power that comes when you live in full connection with your whole self by loving
yourself, and fully taking care of your mind body and soul. Monica supports clients in living in the now and coming to terms with
reality. This helps with becoming free from the baggage of the past and helps to create more secure connections with others.

Monica is currently under supervision for LPC licensure in Florida

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