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Dr. Sheila Baez, PhD, LPC-R
Mental Health Coaching - Servicing all 50 states!
Counseling & Therapy - Virginia Residents Only 

Sheila Baez is a resident in counseling in the state of Virginia. Sheila holds a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CACREP accredited), a Master's in Developmental Psychology, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Walden university. Her primary specialty includes anxiety, depression, trauma, neonatal mental health, and attachment challenges. As a former nurse midwife intern, Sheila witnessed the impact of unresolved mental health issues. Witnessing colleagues and patients with depression, trauma exposure, anxiety, and negative self perceptions ultimately sparked her interest in education on mental health.


She has worked as an integrated treatment therapist conducting individual and group therapy sessions for individuals who struggle with substance use disorders and other mental health challenges. She utilizes person-centered counseling, CBT, DBT, trauma focused, and mindfulness based techniques to aid clients coping mechanisms. Sheila has an empathetic approach that makes her easy to talk to. She is passionate about quality mental health services and knows, due to firsthand experiences, the growth and outcomes one can achieve with mental health services.

Sheila is currently under supervision for LPC licensure in Virgina

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