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Xanthia Baptiste, MS, LPC-A, NCC
Mental Health Coaching - Servicing all 50 states!
Counseling & Therapy - Texas Residents Only 

Xanthia Baptiste, is a graduate from Walden University with her Masters of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health with a specialization in Marriage, Family and Couples and is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC-A), National Certified Counselor (NCC) and certified Life and Mindfulness Coach. In addition to counseling and coaching, Xanthia is also a combat veteran serving in U.S. Army for over 15 years.

Xanthia’s goal is to listen to, empathize with, encourage, and help to empower clients; helping them to succeed academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To achieve this, she will meet with clients both individually and in small groups. Providing strategies and techniques to enhance their perspectives within themselves and with others.

Xanthia is driven by the desire to see others discover and unveil their passion and purpose in life. Her aim is to help others in such a way that they no longer allow their struggle or difficulty to define them; knowing that everyone experiences difficult moments at some point in life.

Xanthia currently takes clients who seek assistance in understanding who they are and fulfilling their purpose. With a goal to coach clients in such a way that they no longer allow their struggle or difficulty to define them. She’s eager to take the journey of love, mental health, and resiliency with those ready to break out of mental fatigue.

Xanthia is currently under supervision for licensure in Texas. 

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