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Welcome to Lotus Life Total Wellness Inc.

 Our Founder and CEO, Bri Beverly, MS, NCC, CBIS has over 10 years of experience in the mental health care industry. Holding an eclectic variety of positions from state funded service coordination to practicing as a therapist, she understands that the mental health care system is an imperfect place. With a passion for mental health care advocacy, a strong belief in personalized care, and a dedication to providing high quality services to EVERYONE, Lotus Life Total Wellness Inc. was born. 


There are few values that Lotus Life Total Wellness Inc. honors:

         1. Clinician Wellness Focus 

Why? Because happy clinicians provide the best services to our clients! An exhausted clinician can not help others. 

The biggest way we put our clinicians first is by respecting their expertise! That means we aim to compensate them with the most competitive rates in the industry. Our founder’s goal isn’t to get rich, it is to help as many people as possible.

       2. Increasing Access to Mental Health Care

Lotus Life Total Wellness Inc. is available in all 50 states for coaching and meditation services. At LLTW we also are committed to serving underserved populations and communities. We partner with nationally recognized organizations and advocacy groups to reach the people who need our services the most. It is our goal, our passion, and our greatest focus.

       3.  A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness and Health 

Most services would work with a person that presents with anxiety and focus on medications and coping skills. Yes, that may be the right path for some but, what sets us apart is that we strive to find the root of the problem.


Oftentimes the solution and the symptom reduction can be found in acknowledging all aspects of the person’s experience, not just their mental health. Does the person live in a difficult environment? Are there any occupational or financial wellness issues? All can influence the root cause of anxiety and all should be considered in the goal setting and treatment.


That is total wellness. 

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