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Lotus Life




We are a team of clinicians, coaches and practitioners with values rooted in 

Mental Strength, Emotional Wellness, and Physical Fitness.

We take an integrative approach to wellness and support our community in achieving their goals. Whether you’re experiencing challenges in your personal life, family life, or career, our team at Lotus Life is here to support you. Our clinicians and coaches provide guidance and the space for reflection on where you are at, and where you want to go. We’ll help you get there.


Mentally Strong

Speak with our Mental Health Clinicians and Coaches to discover deeper insights about yourself, your strengths, values, and internal resources. 

Services can include: 

- Mental Health Coaching 

- Counseling/Therapy 

Emotionally Well

 Embrace emotions without judgement. Naming and embodying what you feel is the beginning to processing, healing, and moving forward from difficult experiences 

Services include: 

- Mental Health Coaching

Physically Fit

Partner with out fitness coaches to meet your unique needs and goals. Tap into your mental strength and transform into physical wellness.

Services can include:

- Health Coaching 

-Personal Training

- Yoga

Total Wellness Packages

Connect the needs of both mind and body with a team of coaches and fitness experts. For all fitness levels. 

Dig deep and reach new levels. 

Services include:

- Mental Health Coaching

-Health Coaching 

-Personal Training

- Yoga

Get to know Our Founder

Our Founder and CEO, Bri Beverly, MS, LPC NCC has over 10 years of experience in the mental health care industry. Holding an eclectic variety of positions from state funded service coordination to practicing as a therapist, she understands that the mental health care system is an imperfect place.


With a passion for mental health care advocacy, a strong belief in personalized care, and a dedication to providing high quality services to EVERYONE,

Lotus Life Total Wellness Inc. was born. 

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What Our Clients Say 


“This was my second time meeting with Bri, and she's absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She always has a smile on her face and is incredibly kind and attentive. I'm very lucky to have her.”

- Client

“She is amazing. So professional very empathetic. You can tell she cares about people. She gives you exercises right from the start. I've had ADHD 29 years and I've never tried some of these things. Would recommend.”

- Client

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